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Engineer of the Year

Philippe Aube

Ambassador of the Year

Tracey Walsh

Life Time Achievement

Wally Lennox Sondermeyer

McCurdy Bursary Award

Syed Abbas Condimentum

2015 Sponsors Keynote Speaker Tim Trytten

Our Mission:

The Central Canada Broadcast Engineers (C.C.B.E.) is an association for advancing the knowledge of its members in the theory and practice of all aspects of broadcast engineering including Radio and Television programming and its distribution over the air or via the Internet.  The C.C.B.E. is a member driven organization. The Executive Committee is made up of active members of the Broadcast Industry who volunteer their time and energy to the organization.

The CCBE is currently preparing to host  its 64th annual Career Development Conference to be held from September 24th to 27th  2015 at the Horseshoe Resort, Barrie, Ontario

Why you should plan to attend?

Four days of technical papers, workshops and training sessions conducted by design engineers, industry professionals, and their representatives.

 An opportunity to meet and talk with technology pioneers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, as well as staff from Industry Canada

 A chance to meet with fellow broadcast engineers and technologists attending from Newfoundland to Manitoba, and discuss how they are dealoing with their own technical challenges.

We, at CCBE, believe this is a unique opportunity for you to attend our SBE industry training and Certification, and a selection of technical papers covering a wide range of topics.  You will learn about, Radio and TV systems, HD and 4k production and post-production, compression technologies, web distribution, and terrestrial digital transmission for fixed or mobile reception. You can mingle with the other attendees and celebrate the Awards presented to  members of our community.